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2009-05-23 04:05 pm

Not a writer or an artist... just an appreciator of the aforementioned. :-)

[Error: unknown template qotd] My talents lay in neither writing or art.  However, I have the utmost respect and admiration for whose do.  That's why I am here... to appreciate the work of others. :-)

My talents lay in design.  I am a former teacher, currently working on a second bachelor's degree in Interior Design.  However, since "everyday life" is mostly uninspiring to me, I don't aspire to just decorate homes or space-plan cubicle layouts for businesses.  I want to be a theme park designer.  I actually have a vast and complex design for a Harry Potter theme park... not just a measly land (no thanks to Universal!). :-)  Maybe if the "land" in FL is successful enough I will be lucky enough to help build a whole "world" someday.  I have also dipped my toes into the pool of production design -- art department work for theater, tv, and film.  It would be my second choice career... or maybe a dual first choice, since both industries are pretty fickle and work tends to be short term.  If I have to go "mainstream," I want to do hospitality design -- boutique hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, retail, etc.

Hopefully, someday soon I will get a website up and running to share my designs.  Until then you can find out more about me at:

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/ameryth74

Twitter: www.twitter.com/BethThinks

Myspace:  www.myspace.com/ameryth74